Thursday’s Dirt

So about Ryan Lochte and those other swimmers being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, there are some problems with the story.  First, police say there are inconsistencies in the 4 stories and they can’t find the driver of the cab.  Police went to the village to revoke the passports of the 4 men but Lochte was already back in the US.  Two of the other swimmers were actually pulled off a plane at the Rio airport while another was missing.  Lochte has changed his story but blames alcohol.

Rumor has it that Taylor Swift has rejected Tom Hiddleston’s marriage proposal.  I’m not buying it but the story is that that has given her until the end of August to move forward or separate.

Wow.  Producers have asked Michael Strahan his feelings about having Kelly Ripa appear on $100,000 Pyramid.  As you can imagine, it was not a welcome request.

Well, Kanye and Kim Kardashian just had an explosive fight that ended with Kim storming out.  It seems Kanye can’t understand why Kim is so obsessed with her weight and she called him ‘selfish and unsupportive’ before storming out.

I just don’t understand this.  Suri Cruise not speaking to her father, Tom Cruise, in 3 years is wearing on her.  In that time, they’ve barely even communicated.  The reason is that Suri and her mother, Katie Holmes, have been excommunicated from the Scientology church.

Liz’s Dirt

Friday’s Dirt

Amy Schumer has been hospitalized with pregnancy complications.  She was taken to a hospital after feeling nauseous but she and baby are said to be fine. Diddy’s baby mama was found dead in her home.  Kim Porter, mother to 3 of Diddy’s children, was only 47.  There are no official reports but it’s said there…

Thursday’s Dirt

Sadly, ‘Backstreet Boy’ AJ McLean has admitted that he’s relapsed in the last year.  He says that it’s a ‘daily struggle.’ Kathie Lee might need to refresh her resume.  Rumor has it that NBC is looking to fire her as early as this week.  They are said to be looking for a younger co host…