Tuesday’s Dirt

Heinz wants to sign Ed Sheeran as a spokesperson.  Ed, who loves ketchup so much that he got a tattoo, might actually be into it.  He just requests being able to swim in a big bowl of ketchup at the factory.

Matt Damon was supposed to have a cameo in ‘Oceans 8’ but it was edited out.  There was no official explanation but many feel it has to do with controversial comments he made about the #MeToo movement.  Over 28,000 signed a petition asking for his removal.

There is already drama on the upcoming season of ‘The Voice.’  It seems the cast and crew are confused about why Jennifer Hudson is returning.  When she left, everyone rejoiced because she was such a nightmare on the set.

There is no official confirmation but Ariana Grande is said to be engaged to ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast member, Pete Davidson.  The two have been dating officially for 2 weeks.

Rose McGowan was indicted yesterday by a grand jury for cocaine possession.  She claims that she is innocent and there never would have been charges if she hadn’t been a ‘voice for women everywhere.’  She is facing 10 years if found guilty.  The drugs were found in belongings she left behind at the Washington Dulles International Airport.

Liz’s Dirt

Friday’s Dirt

Bill Cosby has fired his legal team because he was convicted of 3 counts of aggravated indecent sexual assault.  He is now facing 10 years for each count.  It wasn’t your legal team’s fault you were found guilty, it was yours! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did end up signing a prenup.  It turns out…

Thursday’s Dirt

Roseanne might not stand in the way of ABC developing a spin-off show and not including her.  She is said to be considering giving up fighting the spin-off so that the people that lost their jobs can work again. Legal papers filed by Dr. Luke in his $50 million legal battle against Kesha allege that…