Friday’s Dirt

A ‘MAJOR’ cast member is going to be killed off ‘Modern Family’ in season 10!!  The show creator says that the death will be a moving event and have ‘repercussions across several episodes.’

Jennifer Hudson is not happy ‘The Voice’ has hired Kelsea Ballerini as a new coach and mentor.  Basically Jennifer is said to not get along with anyone and is ‘continuing to cause a disturbance.’

Justin Bieber’s wedding could be happening soon.  Justin and fiance, Hailey Baldwin, were spotted at a courthouse in New York City yesterday.  Speculation is that they were getting a marriage license.

When you go to see ‘The Predator’ this weekend, there will be a lot of scenes missing.  It turns out the director was repeatedly casting a friend of his, who Olivia Munn found out was a registered sexual predator.  She pressured the studio to remove his scenes before the movie was released and won.  The 14 year old victim has publicly thanked her.

Kevin Hart surprised students at a Dallas high school when he became their interim principal for the day.  He said under his leadership they would eat chicken nuggets every day.  He was there to promote his new movie, ‘Night School.’

Liz’s Dirt

Wednesday’s Dirt

Season 15 of ‘The Voice’ starts in less than 2 weeks but staffers are more excited about season 16.  Why?  Because Jennifer Hudson won’t be there.  She has already been replaced with John Legend. Congratulations to Jessica Simpson!  She just announced that she is pregnant with her third child.  She is expecting a baby girl. …

Tuesday’s Dirt

Julie Chen is expected to announce that she is leaving ‘The Talk’ because her husband was fired as CBS’ CEO due to sexual misconduct allegations.  She is expected to have a pre-taped message that will air today and her staff is absolutely thrilled.  Turns out Julie was a nightmare of a boss who knew she…