Thursday’s Dirt

I am sad to say that Heather Locklear is back in rehab.  She had another screaming match with her boyfriend where she realized that she had lost control again.  The only silver lining is this time she realized she needed help and sent herself back.

Remember Constance Wu tweeting that she wasn’t happy that ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ got renewed?  Well, that was the tip of the iceberg.  It seems Constance has quite the reputation in Hollywood.  On her show, she is the most hated person on the set and is rude to everyone but mostly the crew.  Now she is filming a movie with JLo and is said to be a much bigger diva than JLo.

Beyonce really is a smart business woman.  In 2015, she was asked to perform at a corporate Uber event for $6 million.  She said she preferred stocks over the cash.  Those stocks are now worth $9 million.

‘Game of Thrones’ fans are not happy with Season 8.  In fact, there is a petition asking HBO to redo it with ‘competent writers.’  As of last night there was more than 200,000 signatures.

The judge in charge of Britney’s conservatorship isn’t playing.  He has ordered a thorough investigation into everyone surrounding Britney.  That includes her doctors and parents.  The investigator will also be looking into medical and financial records, including custody agreements and contracts like her Las Vegas residency.


Liz’s Dirt

Tuesday’s Dirt

If you thought the feud between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was over, you were very wrong.  Johnny is now saying that Amber painted bruises on herself to fabricate abuse claims.  He also claims the breaking point in their relationship was when Amber or one of her friends defecated on his bed. Spice Girls rehearsals…

Monday’s Dirt

I guess we should have expected this.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to have named their newborn son, Psalm. I am sad to say that Grumpy Cat passed away last week.  She died of complications from a urinary tract infection.  Grumpy, whose real name was Tardar Sauce, was only 7 and rumored to…