Friday’s Dirt

Cuba Gooding Jr was charged yesterday with forcibly touching and sexual abuse in the 3rd degree.  He is accused of groping a woman at a bar on Sunday.  He insisted video evidence would clear him but instead it looks like it proved the assault happened.

Paula Abdul says that she took an extended break from the spotlight because she was injured in a plane crash.  She says that the crash happened on her 27th birthday at the end of her tour in 1993.  She claims that she crash landed in a cornfield and woke up in the hospital where a surgeon told her she crushed her entire cervical spine.  The National Transportation Safety Board says it never happened.

A judge has issued a 5 year restraining order against Britney Spears’ ex-manager, Sam Lufti.  He is forbidden from contacting her or her family and is also not allowed to post negative comments about them online.  Sadly, James Spears admitted in court that he has always had a ‘strained’ relationship with his daughter.

So Kanye West is now attempting to become an ordained minister.  He thinks that he and Kim Kardashian are religious leaders now.

The Rock is getting criticized for posting a picture of himself teaching his 3 year-old daughter to swim.  The problem was that the little girl wasn’t wearing a bathing suit.  He removed the picture from Instagram when people got upset.

Liz’s Dirt

Thursday’s Dirt

Kristen Bell recently had to rush her 4 year-old daughter to the emergency room after she stuffed a jewel up her nose.  She said the girl shoved it ‘up to her brain’ but luckily snorted it on on the way to the hospital. ‘Avengers:  Endgame’ is being re-released next weekend with new footage after the…

Wednesday’s Dirt

Nothing is official yet but the cast of ‘Friends’ has allegedly been in secret negotiations with Warner Brothers about returning for a reunion.  The problem is they are all demanding insane salaries.  They are looking for $20 million each. Is this self-help?  Tony Robbins is being accused of punishing his followers by making them drink…