Wednesday’s Dirt

‘Breaking Bad’ fans are not happy this morning.  Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teased that they would be collaborating soon on something and many fans assumed that meant a ‘Breaking Bad’ movie or something.  Well, they were wrong.  The two announced that they were collaborating on a new brand of Mezcal.

Meghan Markle caused all kinds of problems at Wimbledon last week.  She went to cheer on friend, Serena Williams but told her royal protection officer to inform spectators that pictures of the Duchess were forbidden.  She also showed up wearing jeans, which is against Wimbledon etiquette.

‘Bachelorette’ contestant, Jed Wyatt, has been receiving threats because his ex-girlfriend says that they were still dating when he appeared on the show.  She claims that Jed told her that he was only doing it for a music career.  Hannah has not commented because she isn’t able to.

I love Pink.  Recently Pink posted pictures on Instagram of her family at a zoo and some fans attacked her.  Saying that animals shouldn’t be in captivity.  Pink responded ‘I don’t remember asking you for your opinion or for your help in raising my child.  This isn’t the place for a debate.’

Kanye West is said to be building new, low income housing for the homeless.  The homes are inspired by ‘Star Wars:  A New Hope.’  So yes, they look like Luke Skywalker’s childhood home.

Liz’s Dirt

Monday’s Dirt

Federal investigators arrested R Kelly on Thursday because former employees handed over at least 20 videos of him engaged in inappropriate acts with minors.  Immediately after, R Kelly’s girlfriends were evicted from Trump Towers. Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he married his girlfriend back in December.  He confirms that it was a tiny ceremony just…

Friday’s Dirt

R Kelly was arrested yesterday on 13 counts including sex trafficking and obstructing justice.  Kelly was arrested in Chicago but brought back to New York on federal charges. Jason Momoa is being bullied online.  Pictures of him on vacation with his family were published and some people are actually accusing him of having a ‘dad…