Thursday’s Dirt

I’m not quite sure why it took this long but Matt Lauer’s estranged wife has finally filed for divorce.  The couple separated in 2017 after Matt’s sex scandal was exposed.  The couple were married for 21 years and have 3 children together.  It is said that Mrs. Lauer will be walking away with a settlement worth $50 million.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is holding another memorial service for Beth this weekend.  The weird part is that it’s being organized by Tootie from ‘The Facts of Life.’  The two actually never met in person but were members of the same church.

Congratulations! It’s a boy!  Actually, it’s a 43 year-old man.  Enrique Iglesias just found out that his father, Julio, lost a paternity case and he now has a 43 year-old brother.

Robert De Niro received a pipe bomb while he was filming the new Joker movie.  The FBI even had to show up and search the set.  The director was worried how Robert would handle it and evidently Robert wasn’t fazed at all.

A man broke into Buckingham Palace yesterday by scaling a fence.  Police showed up to arrest him after only 4 minutes.  Seems he was knocking on doors because he couldn’t find anyone.



Liz’s Dirt

Monday’s Dirt

Federal investigators arrested R Kelly on Thursday because former employees handed over at least 20 videos of him engaged in inappropriate acts with minors.  Immediately after, R Kelly’s girlfriends were evicted from Trump Towers. Ed Sheeran has confirmed that he married his girlfriend back in December.  He confirms that it was a tiny ceremony just…

Friday’s Dirt

R Kelly was arrested yesterday on 13 counts including sex trafficking and obstructing justice.  Kelly was arrested in Chicago but brought back to New York on federal charges. Jason Momoa is being bullied online.  Pictures of him on vacation with his family were published and some people are actually accusing him of having a ‘dad…