Thursday’s Dirt

Kevin Hart is finally out of the hospital.  After 10 days, he is now in a live in rehab facility.  He’s expected to be there for a week or less but says he’s just ‘grateful to be alive.’

Feclity Huffman will be sentenced in the college admissions scandal tomorrow.  Prosecutors are still looking for her to spend a month in jail but the defense team is trying to convince the judge to let her off.  They are using a report that suggests no jail time because there was no victim.

Paul Rudd is said to be a real life superhero.  ‘Antman’ was said to be on a flight recently to New York when several passengers recognized him.  Instead of acting annoyed, the actor is said to have posed for several selfies and even helped some ladies with their luggage.  Swoon.

Maddox Jolie Pitt still has no relationship with his father, Brad Pitt.  He was asked if Brad would be visiting him at college in South Korea and he said he didn’t know.  He was asked if they still had a relationship and he responded ‘whatever happens, happens.’

I’m not sure why this is going public now but it appears that Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Justin Theroux had some very serious problems.  There are now reports that there were many ‘domestic violence’ calls and even reports of narcotics being sold out of the garage.

Liz’s Dirt

Wednesday’s Dirt

Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, has been cleared of child abuse charges.  Authorities say there was ‘insufficient proof’ to prove the accusations.  But today there is expected to be a court battle over the conservatorship anyway.  Britney’s mother is trying to get Jamie removed because she’s says he’s no longer fit. Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, has…

Tuesday’s Dirt

Remember when Kevin Hart’s friend taped him being intimate with a woman other than his wife and tried to extort him?  Well, now the ‘co-star’ of the video is suing Kevin for $60 million, claiming that he was in on it.  She feels that he was in on it for publicity and is suing for…