Friday’s Dirt

Heather Locklear has completed her court-ordered rehab for attacking a paramedic in June 2018.  She is now on probation and in outpatient treatment.

Warning!! Jason Mamoa is said to be filming a new movie in Pittsburgh this fall.  I had details about the movie…but I didn’t read them.

The cause of Kevin Hart’s near fatal accident has been discovered.  Since the car had no mechanical issues, the driver of the car is being accused of driving recklessly and accelerating too quickly.  The crash report also claims that Kevin left the scene while his friends were still trapped in his car.  No one in the car was wearing a seat belt.

Cuba Gooding Jr is being charged with another crime…but we don’t know what it is.  He was in court yesterday to face charges for an additional incident that may or may not be related to his ongoing assault charge.  The weird thing is the District Attorney hasn’t revealed what they are but that he will be arraigned next week.

Jon Gosselin is ‘furious’ that TLC filmed his children for his ex-wife’s show, ‘Kate Plus 8.’  Jon says there is a court ban in place but TLC chose to air a special last week anyway without legal paperwork in place.


Liz’s Dirt

Thursday’s Dirt

Ryan Reynolds has released information about his newborn baby.  It’s a girl.  That’s it.  Crumbs…that’s all he’s giving me. Jennifer Aniston’s Instagram actually broken a ‘Guinness World Record.’  Jenn was the fastest to get to one million followers.  It only took her 5 hours and 16 minutes.  At last check, she was already up to…

Wednesday’s Dirt

Yesterday, Felicity Huffman started serving her 2 week sentence.  She was also fined $30,000 and was ordered to serve 250 hours in community service. Cuba Gooding Jr plead not guilty yesterday to two counts of forcible touching and two counts of abuse.  He is being accused by 2 women but 12 other accusers showed up…