Tuesday’s Dirt

There is a scandal surrounding ‘America’s Got Talent.’  Gabrielle Union was recently let go for raising concerns about racially insensitive behavior and material.  Former judge, Howard Stern, blames it all on Simon Cowell.  He says that it’s obvious that men stay ‘no matter how ugly, old or fat they are’ while women are continuously switched out for ‘hotter and younger.’

Scarlett Johansson admits she had an unfair advantage while cooking last week’s Thanksgiving dinner.  She said she did all the cooking and almost gave herself a panic attack so she FaceTimed Chef Bobby Flay for help.

Brad Paisley has a special tonight called ‘Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special’ and it will feature a singer that is VERY special.  His new song, ‘Alive Right Now,’ features guest vocals from a St. Jude’s cancer survivor by the name of Addie Pratt.

Recently ‘This is Us’ star, Justin Hartley, filed for divorced from his wife of only 2 years citing ‘irreconcilable issues.’  This might be a clue.  His estranged wife posted ‘“It’s hard to watch people change right in front of you. But it’s even harder remembering who they used to be.’

Josh Brolin is not a fan of the new fad, ‘perineum sunning.’  It’s the trend of sunning your bum.  Well, Josh burnt his…severely.  So he’s advising against it.

Liz’s Dirt

Monday’s Dirt

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a $500,000 cheating clause in their prenup.  The clause states that the cheating party has to pay up to the other. Simon Cowell has hired an attorney because NBC is investigating him for his behavior on ‘America’s Got Talent.’  Gabrielle Union and others have claimed that he has created…

Friday’s Dirt

Federal prosecutors are now charging R Kelly with bribing a government official.  They claim he made a fake ID for Aliyah in order to marry her when she was underage.  He married her in 1994 when she was 15 but her ID and marriage license claimed she was 18. Jessica Biel has no plans to…