Wednesday’s Dirt

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ scandal is getting bigger.  Sharon Osbourne basically confirmed everything Gabrielle Union said about ‘America’s Got Talent’ being a boys club.  She says that the men get paid more and are offered perks like private jets but she blames NBC for allowing it.  Simon Cowell’s company has now hired outside counsel to interview Gabrielle and see if her claims are justified.

Amy Schumer sent her personal trainer a cease and desist order because she thought the workouts were too extreme.  The trainer confirmed it and said it scared him at first.

Jessical Biel wants Justin Timberlake to take a lie detector test after he was caught holding hands with his costar in New Orleans.  She is said to be livid about the pictures.  Don’t even blame her.

Kate Beckinsale is being criticized for posting a picture of herself in a bikini.  She is being accused of wanting attention.  Well, duh.  And if I looked like that in a bikini, I’d wear one to work.

Two more women have come forward accusing Danny Masterson of sexual assault.  That brings the total to 6.  Three are former Scientologists and three are not.  All 6 accounts have similarities including cover ups by his friends, violence and losing consciousness during the assault.  The DA still hasn’t decided whether or not to press charges.

Liz’s Dirt

Monday’s Dirt

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have a $500,000 cheating clause in their prenup.  The clause states that the cheating party has to pay up to the other. Simon Cowell has hired an attorney because NBC is investigating him for his behavior on ‘America’s Got Talent.’  Gabrielle Union and others have claimed that he has created…

Friday’s Dirt

Federal prosecutors are now charging R Kelly with bribing a government official.  They claim he made a fake ID for Aliyah in order to marry her when she was underage.  He married her in 1994 when she was 15 but her ID and marriage license claimed she was 18. Jessica Biel has no plans to…