Monday’s Dirt

Remember how I told you that Pamela Anderson ended her most recent marriage after only 12 days.  It turns out the groom sent Pam a text message on day 11 ending their marriage and Pam sent a return text saying she forgave him with a throwing a kiss emoji.

This is super cool.  JLo says that Bruce Springsteen called her and thanked her for including ‘Born in the USA’ in the Super Bowl halftime show.  He allegedly said ‘you girls can really sing and dance.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are sending confusing messages.  They moved to Canada to escape the paparazzi but then are spotted in Miami having dinner with JLo and ARod.  JLo was even overheard asking for a playdate with Archie.

If you missed it, last night Brad Pitt won his first Oscar for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’  In his speech, he actually thanked his children and gave them a shout out saying ‘I adore you.’

Ed Sheeran might be a hoarder.  The man owns 27 apartments, houses and mansions.  He has $73 million invested in property but since he made $776 million from his Divide Tour, I guess he has it.



Liz’s Dirt

Wednesday’s Dirt

Harry Styles is having a very hard time right now.  On Valentine’s Day, he was held up at knifepoint in London.  The thief demanded cash, which Harry handed over, and the guy ran off.  Harry is said to have been unharmed.  But the very next day, his ex-girlfriend was found dead of an apparent suicide.…

Tuesday’s Dirt

All ‘Price is Right’ tapings have been canceled this week after Drew Carey’s ex-finacee was apparently murdered over the weekend.  Her ex-boyfriend is currently being held on $2 million bond. Kensington Palace is said to be haunted by Peter the Wild Boy.  The feral boy, who was brought to the palace as a pet for…