WARM 103.3 Mission of Hope: Send a Message of Thanks

This is a new normal for all of us, but the ones who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic need our support most!

Send a Message of Thanks to those working keeping our life-sustaining businesses going. That’s those in the medical industry, first responders, grocery workers, truckers and delivery drivers working to deliver all the necessary goods and medications, custodial staffs that have to clean these spaces every single day, and many more that are still out there working everyday to help keep us safe but please know we’re thankful of everything you do!

We want to show them how much we’re thinking of them and how thankful we are for everything they’re doing to try and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Share your feelings and send thanks by filling out the form below and we may share them on-air or on the WARM 103.3 Facebook page.

Send Thanks:

Liz’s Dirt

Wednesday’s Dirt

Camila Cabello admits to being an eccentric person.  She admits that she MUST eat a banana with every meal.  She also says she cannot sleep without socks on because she is convinced the boogeyman will lick her feet while she sleeps. Halsey actually fractured her ankle while loading the dishwasher.  She said she tripped over…

Tuesday’s Dirt

Denzel Washington is being hailed as a real hero.  He was driving through New York City when he saw a homeless man wandering in traffic.  Denzel got out of his car, brought the man to the sidewalk, and talked to him until police got there. ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic has launched the ‘Mullet Challenge.’  He…