Friday’s Dirt

Ellen has apologized for the toxic work environment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  She says that she is taking steps to correct the issues.  She almost puts the blame on others that work for her.  So kind of an apology.

Tracy Morgan is getting over his divorce.  He was spotted having dinner with 5 women.  Just remember, that’s 5 mother-in-laws.

Just because he’s a Prince doesn’t mean he always acts like one.  Prince William was recently ask what the worst present was that he gave Kate Middleton.  Binoculars.  He says he still doesn’t know why he bought her binoculars and she’s never let him forget it.

Bryan Cranston says that he contracted coronavirus but was one of the lucky ones that only had mild symptoms. He is now donating plasma which contains Covid-19 antibodies.

There is still a lot of concern for Britney Spears.  She continues to post odd videos on her TikTok and Instagram stories.  Including a picture of a pink planet named GJ 504b that she would like to visit.


Liz’s Dirt

Tuesday’s Dirt

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are parents.  The couple gave birth to a baby girl that they named Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt.  This is Katherine’s first child and Chris’ second.  This also makes Arnold Schwarzenegger a grandfather. ‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin’s missing millionaire husband’s family is suing her.  The family’s attorney says they believe…

Monday’s Dirt

Celebrities seem to be getting nervous about the rumors surrounding Ellen DeGeneres’ show so they are choosing to do interviews with Kelly Clarkson instead.  They seem to be worried they will get caught up in her drama. Simon Cowell was seriously hurt on Saturday when he fell off an electric bike and broke his back. …