Thursday’s Dirt

A lot of people were upset that ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ wouldn’t be on TV this year but that’s all changed!  Apple TV+ owns the rights to the Charlie Brown specials and have reached an agreement to show it on PBS November 22nd.

Naya Rivera’s estate is suing for wrongful death.  The father of her son says the pontoon boat she rented was under equipped and lacked a safety ladder, adequate rope, an anchor and a radio.

Joe Exotic’s legal team believes that Donald Trump is going to pardon him.  Joe’s representative says that they’ve received information and have had several phone calls from Washington, DC on Joe’s behalf.  They are hoping to have his pardon ‘very, very soon.’

It pays to be George Clooney’s friend!  George has confirmed that he did give 14 of his best friends $1 million in cash in a suitcase.  He said that these friends helped him when he was broke and without them he wouldn’t have any of his success.

The long awaited, ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ is going to debut on Christmas Day in theaters and also on HBO Max.  But it will only be on the streaming service for a month.

Liz’s Dirt

Monday’s Dirt

Vancouver wants to name a street after their famous son, Ryan Reynolds.  But Ryan says ‘hard pass.’  He says he can just see traffic being bad and people saying things like ‘Ryan Reynolds is a mess’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds is really backed up.’  He says his brothers would ‘enjoy this too much.’ ‘Friends’ star, Matthew…

Friday’s Dirt

Yesterday a judge ruled that R Kelly’s sex trafficking and racketeering case will go to trial April 7th in Brooklyn.  Jurors will be selected over 10 days in mid-March. Kanye West is said to be trying to clone himself.  He is said to want an army of clones using his DNA because it’s his ‘duty…