Friday’s Dirt

Former ‘Subway’ spokesperson/pedophile, Jared Fogle, is checking in from jail. For some reason, he wanted it known that he is still skinny since going to jail in 2015. He also wanted to finally express some sort of regret for his actions but it feels like too-little-too-late. The earliest he can be released is March of 2029 and he will also have to register as a sex offender.

This is so adorable. Betty White is being honored as the ‘Amazing Woman of the Month’ by the Girl Scouts in New Jersey and troops across the country are being invited to earn a Betty White patch. To earn the patch, they will build a pretend TV, advocate for animals and learn how to get along with other people.

If you’re following Britney Spears on Instagram, I’m curious if you’re beginning to wonder if there’s a problem. Yesterday, Britney posted full nudes with only emjois covering the most private of areas. She captioned the pictures ‘Free woman energy has never felt better.’

The Rock vs. Cookie Monster? Yesterday, Elmo asked in a tweet if ‘anybody had ever seen a rock eat a cookie?’ Well, THE Rock responded saying that he ‘devours cookies…all kinds of cookies.’ He even told Elmo to ‘tell Cookie Monster to move it over cuz (he’s) coming to Sesame Street to kick (butt) and eat cookies…and (he’s) almost all outta cookies.’

Nicolas Cage and his new wife are expecting a baby. This will be Nicholas’ third child with his fifth wife. He has a 16 year-old and 31 year-old from previous relationships. He is 57 while his wife is 27.

Liz’s Dirt

Friday’s Dirt

Ben Affleck wants Aflac to pay for his insurance policy. He says it’s hard having a last name that sounds like the name of a ‘huge insurance company’ who hired ‘a duck’ to ‘shriek your last name in…(a) loud and obnoxious..way.’ He says then imagine being in a plane and the ‘hammered lady behind you..thinks…

Wednesday’s Dirt

Simon Cowell is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. He popped the question in Barbados in front of his son and step-son. The couple have been together since 2004. Jamie Lynn Spears will give an interview today on ‘Good Morning America’ about her relationship with sister, Britney. It should be no surprise that her…