Tuesday’s Dirt

Not sure what’s going on here. Britney Spears’ family says they are disturbed after finding out that her ex-husband, Jason Alexander was creeping outside their homes. For some reason, Jason was driving by all the Spears’ residents and Instagramming about it. Jason was married to Britney for 55 hours in 2004.

The initial autopsy on Bob Saget was completed yesterday but the results were inconclusive. Investigators say that it looks likely that he suffered a heart attack or stroke. A further investigation will take 10 to 12 weeks to complete.

The rumor mill is going crazy with gossip that Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant. But this time the rumor is very specific. It’s rumored that Kourtney is exactly 16 weeks pregnant with fiancé, Travis Barker’s baby.

Despite flaunting his new relationship, Kanye West is trying to win back ex, Kim Kardashian. When he heard that Kim would be in Miami for New Years, he planned a concert there. So Kim stayed in California to avoid running into him. And now she really isn’t happy since he bought the house directly across the street from her.

Definitely giving back. Judge Judy has just given a $5 million donation to her alma mater, New York Law School. Judy and her daughter graduated from the school while her granddaughter is set to graduate this spring. Her donation will fully fund tuition and books for 10 women a year.

Liz’s Dirt

Friday’s Dirt

Ben Affleck wants Aflac to pay for his insurance policy. He says it’s hard having a last name that sounds like the name of a ‘huge insurance company’ who hired ‘a duck’ to ‘shriek your last name in…(a) loud and obnoxious..way.’ He says then imagine being in a plane and the ‘hammered lady behind you..thinks…

Wednesday’s Dirt

Simon Cowell is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. He popped the question in Barbados in front of his son and step-son. The couple have been together since 2004. Jamie Lynn Spears will give an interview today on ‘Good Morning America’ about her relationship with sister, Britney. It should be no surprise that her…