Tuesday’s Dirt

Johnny Depp is warning fans about internet trolls that are impersonating him on social media sites. He says that he has no ‘private or side accounts on any platform.’ His team is working to shut down the trolls but asks that fans remain ‘cautious.’

How did the stars of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ celebrate the end of filming? Tater tots. Glen ‘Hangman’ Powell says that the cast ‘took down more tater tots than a human has ever eaten.’ He says immediately after they pigged out, they got the call that they had to reshoot some scenes in a few weeks.

Britney’s new husband, Sam Asghari, has sent his audition tape to Marvel because he wants to join the universe. He is hoping to become a positive role model for young Persian men so he’s upped his mixed martial arts training and started taking stunt classes.

Warner Brothers has finally recognized they have a problem with Ezra Miller. ‘The Flash’ is already finished and the studio is hoping that Ezra’s chaos will remain at a ‘low level’ until the movie is released. But that seems unlikely so they are trying to decide whether to release the movie as planned, release it with no publicity tour or just take the $200 million loss and release it to HBO Max. What they’re sure of is that they will not be working with Ezra again.

Britney’s dad, Jamie, is asking a judge to force her to sit for a deposition over claims she made about him on social media. His attorney wants to challenge her on the stand about her allegations about him. Britney’s attorney is refusing to schedule the deposition and says this is ‘another tactic to bully, harass and intimidate his daughter.’

Liz’s Dirt

Friday’s Dirt

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ director, Taika Waititi understands what it takes to make a movie!! He says in the new ‘Thor’ movie, which is out July 8th, we will see Chris Hemsworth’s bare butt in its ‘full worthiness!’ He says Chris has ‘worked so hard’ on his butt that he would be ‘depriving humanity’ if…

Thursday’s Dirt

Post Malone says that he is not a person that does well with a lot of money. He says he once spent $800,000 on a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card. He said he thought it looked awesome so he spent ‘nearly a million on a piece of cardboard.’ I am disappointed to say that Rege-Jean Page…