Wednesday’s Dirt

I told you it wasn’t over and I think this is proof. Amber Heard is now negotiating a tell-all book about her life. She is said to consider her Hollywood career ‘over’ and feels that she has ‘nothing to lose.’

A school that teaches employment and life skills to students with multiple disabilities was having their first annual luaua since Covid and they made a video asking The Rock to attend. He saw the video and since he couldn’t attend, sent EACH child sneakers, athletic wear, and an Xbox with a special adaptive controller and a year of unlimited game downloads. He also sent pizza.

Oops. Kristen Bell announced that she is excited to make another ‘Frozen.’ The problem is that Disney has not announced a ‘Frozen 3.’ Disney will not be happy about that.

No one is safe from Dad jokes. Justin Timberlake is getting trashed online for his dad-dancing over the weekend. He was trying to do the viral ‘beat ya feet’ dance move but people were comparing his version to the hokey pokey. It happens to all of us, Justin.

Another ‘Bachelorette’ couple calls it quits. John Hersey has announced that he and Katie Thurston have broken up after 7 months together. Katie actually sent John home in season 17 and ended up getting engaged to Blake.

Liz’s Dirt

Friday’s Dirt

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ director, Taika Waititi understands what it takes to make a movie!! He says in the new ‘Thor’ movie, which is out July 8th, we will see Chris Hemsworth’s bare butt in its ‘full worthiness!’ He says Chris has ‘worked so hard’ on his butt that he would be ‘depriving humanity’ if…

Thursday’s Dirt

Post Malone says that he is not a person that does well with a lot of money. He says he once spent $800,000 on a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ card. He said he thought it looked awesome so he spent ‘nearly a million on a piece of cardboard.’ I am disappointed to say that Rege-Jean Page…