Friday’s Dirt

It’s official. Lady Gaga has been cast in ‘Joker 2’ as Harley Quinn. She posted a picture of her character dancing next to Joaquin Phoenix’s character.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Little League Baseball card is being auctioned off. Mark signed the card in 1992 and gave it to a camp counselor as a gift. His batting average is listed as .920.

Police are looking for Bradley Cooper…well, kind of. Police in Georgia posted surveillance pictures of a man stealing a rotary laser kit and asked for the public’s help in identifying the subject. The man does look disturbingly like Bradley Cooper. You know the internet showed up with comments. My favorite was ‘times are tough…maybe he needed a side hustle.’

If you follow The Rock on Instagram, you know he’s a huge fan of his cheat meals. Well, one restaurant in LA is now selling his favorite cheat meal for $170. It’s five-inch thick brioche French Toast covered in peanut butter, coconut, maple syrup, cinnamon spice and comes with The Rock’s own tequila.

Salma Hayek is enjoying her time on ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance.’ Salma, who replaced Thandie Newton, says that co-star Channing Tatum has really perfected his lap dances. She also says that on an average day she works with 12 male strippers and adds ‘how lucky am I?’

Liz’s Dirt

Wednesday’s Dirt

We now know why Fred Savage was fired from the ABC reboot of ‘The Wonder Years’ in May. As many as 6 unidentified women have come forward and said that his conduct towards women on the crew ranged from verbal harassment to alleged assault. He even had an inappropriate relationship with a much younger woman…

Monday’s Dirt

Former ‘iCarly’ star, Jennette McCurdy’s memoir, ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ is released tomorrow and it is said to make quite the allegation against Nickelodeon. Jennette says that when her show ‘Sam & Cat’ was coming to an end, Nickelodeon offered her $300,000 to never talk publicly about an uncomfortable experience she had with a…