Jennifer Lopez celebrates the release of her new single with a virtual dance party

Jennifer Lopez did not let Covid-19 restrictions stop her from celebrating the release of her new single with fans.

The pop star, joined by her twins Emme and Max, fiancé Alex Rodriguez, and his daughters, Natasha and Ella, live streamed a dance party at the exact moment the song “In the Morning” was released shortly before midnight on Thanksgiving Day.

“Join me for a virtual Thanksgiving dance party ON Instagram Live TONIGHT at 11:45 pm EST! We’re celebrating the world premiere of #InTheMorning. There will be surprise #TurkeyEggs! Bring the whole fam!,” Lopez tweeted earlier in the week.

Like the rest of us, Lopez and her family have spent much of their time in quarantine mastering viral dance videos on social media.

Stars, they really are just like us.


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