Lancaster Co. Father Charged With Assaulting Cops

Aggravated assault on a police officer, strangulation and resisting arrest. Those are the charges filed against a Lancaster County man. Police say 36-year old Andrew Goslin of New Providence is accused of attacking officers are they investigated a call involving his two teens sons in a parking lot along the 300-block of West Fourth Street in Quarryville on Wednesday night. Police took one of the boys in custody when the father arrived in a truck that allegedly nearly struck an officer. Police attempted to tase the father but a family member interfered. Officers say Goslin then ran to his truck where he had a loaded AR-15 rifle. The suspect was eventually taken into custody. Goslin is being held in the county prison in lieu of $100,000 bail. Apparently, a crowd watched the incident and police are asking to get a copy from anyone who may have taken a video.


Friday’s Dirt

Former ‘Home Improvement’ star Zachery Ty Bryan is in a lot of trouble.  According to his girlfriend, he pulled her out of bed by the hair and started beating her over missing cell phone chargers.  He has been charged with strangulation and coercion, which are both felonies, as well as 6 misdemeanors.  He has been…

Thursday’s Dirt

Ozzy Osbourne had a pretty bad 2019.  He had a serious fall, neck surgery, an infection in his hand and was hospitalized with the flu.  And he knows exactly what to blame for his bad luck…a haunted doll.  Ozzy and Jack went to see Robert the Doll in Key West as part of their show…